Wearing the Same Thing Every Day

Someone told me years ago that Albert Einstein had a closet full of identical suits so he didn’t have to think about what to wear each day. Never did I make an attempt to confirm whether that was true or not (until recently), but the concept stuck with me.

Finally, after years of pondering this notion, I decided the only thing stopping me from wearing the same thing every day was me. So, I started wearing the same thing every day.

Of course, I didn’t want to wear the exact same clothes every day because that’s either really gross or an extreme amount of laundry. Therefore I had to embark on buying a repeated wardrobe.

The thought of what outfit I would wear every day had been on my mind for awhile, but now the rubber was meeting the road. I had to make a decision and buy some clothes.

the Doug Burgett uniform (2017)
Black jeans, t-shirt, and Nike running shoes became my uniform.

I chose comfort: jeans, t-shirt, and running shoes. I also chose black, since it’s as formal and classy as a jeans, t-shirt, running shoes combo can get, IMO.

The Results?

I’ve worn this outfit consistently to work for the past month and a half, roughly. Some people have asked questions, such as “didn’t you wear that yesterday?” Or, “all black again?” But for the most part, people don’t say anything. And that’s great.

My decision to wear the same thing every day was about me, not others. I hate thinking about what to wear. I hate thinking about what clothes to buy. I still wear other things on the weekend, or any time I’m not at work. And there are days at work when this outfit just isn’t the best choice.

Most of my days, however, no longer include me thinking about what to wear. I merely grab my clothes and put them on.

It’s simple.

It’s wonderful.

It’s an experiment, if nothing else.