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Strat-O-Matic baseball is just about the best thing ever created. It began as a dice simulation game in the early 1960’s, created by Hal Richman. Since then Strat-O-Matic has grown to offer other sport simulation games in various forms, including board games, computer games, and even online games.

Strat Blog Posts

I love to share my Strat adventures through blog posts. Definitely more information than anyone cares about. Enjoy!

1911 New York Giants Season Simulation

For reasons beyond normal human understanding, I’m recreating the 1911 New York Giants season through Strat-O-Matic dice play. I should be finished by 2030, if I can stick with it. These are the results of games I’ve played.

Custom Strat Scoresheet

I designed a new scoresheet for dice play. For playing a game by yourself you can print both pages of the PDF front and back. This gives you a place to take notes on page 2. If you’re playing with another person (because you actually have friends that also enjoy Strat, or you’re forcing someone to play with you) it is possible to print 2 copies of page 1 only for both players to keep score.

Online Strat Gameplay Resources

I created a website that can be used while playing the dice game. It’s basically an online version of the Super Advanced fielding and miscellaneous charts. This makes it possible to play a game without using the paper charts. The real benefit is that it speeds up x-chance plays. X-chance plays are resolved in the same way, but the online process takes some getting used to since it’s driven by hyperlinks.

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