Handwritten Blog: Memories of a Girl I Never Knew

I’ve wanted to create a handwritten blog for some time now. The subject matter has unfortunately eluded me.

Today I stumbled upon a website titled, “Memories of a Girl I Never Knew.” It’s beautifully simple, and all done by hand.

There’s just something elegant about a website that showcases handwritten text only.

Hoefler & Co. on Combining Fonts

Selecting a typeface can be a challenge, but knowing what to pair with it can be a daunting task indeed. No one understands this better than Hoefler & Co. Which is precisely why they’ve provided a helpful article entitled, Four Techniques for Combining Fonts.

Their advise is golden: keep one quality consistent and let the others vary.

I personally like to think of each typeface as a range of color tones, and each font as a specific color within that range. If you select one font for your design, you’re painting with only one color. By adding another font to the mix, you’re adding another color. By utilizing an entire type family, you’re painting with a range of tones.

How contrasting your fonts are and the how many fonts you choose depends on the mood you’re striving to create. Your end goal is to create an appropriate type palette for what you’re trying to communicate.