Impressive Collaboration: Pyramid of Giza

While putting together a Pecha Kucha presentation about the power of working together, I read a bit about the Pyramid of Giza.

What amazes me most is that of the 4,500 years this pyramid has existed, it was the tallest structure in the world for 3,800 of those years.

That’s crazy.

Also, the heaviest of the 2.3 million blocks used in its construction were transported over 500 miles. That might not seem like a big deal today, but in 2,500 BC?

That’s mind-blowing.

Amazing things can happen when people work together on a common goal.

Google’s Royalty-Free Images

Free stock photography may be limited, but it’s good to know there are places you can get a free image when you need one.

Google has an advanced search that allows you to find images with varying levels of restriction. The image above was found by adjusting these settings and searching using the keyword “man.” This image is actually the first result in the search when the usage restrictions are completely lifted.

It’s an excellent way of getting a quick, free, royalty-free image.

And if you’re wondering, the image above is a portrait of Daniel Friedman.

Raumrot and Mazwai: Free Photos and Videos

I love to share websites that offer free high-resolution images, because as a designer I feel you can’t have access to enough of these.

Raumrot is a site I recently discovered that offers free handpicked stock photos for your commercial and personal use. Their images have a certain feel to them, so they may or may not meet your needs.

Mazwai is a site that offers free short videos. The selection is pretty good and the videos are short, built for looping.

More Public Domain Images

I like to share websites that offer free stock images whenever I can. I believe that collectively these sites can provide a large enough pool of choices that you’re almost guaranteed to find something that fits your project needs.

Public Domain Archive is the newest find for me. I like the frequency that new images are posted.

Add this to your collection of free stock sites, and perhaps it will offer what you’re having trouble finding elsewhere.

Harry’s: Less Expensiver

Twitter recommended that I follow Harry’s.


What the heck is Harry’s?

I liked the logo, so I investigated further. Harrys Product Shot

Harry’s sells razors and other shaving products for what they say is “less expensiver” than their competitors. That’s fantastic. Razor blades are indeed overpriced, in my opinion.

Despite this, the real treat of discovering Harry’s was their website. It’s beautifully designed, featuring clean, crisp product shots, fun illustrations (as seen above), stylish typography, and interesting layouts.

I have yet to try their product or experience their service, but their website is great. Anyone that can make a factory look sexy is a winner in my book.