Up, Up and Away!

Estes Crossfire

My wife bought me some model rockets for my birthday this year. Since then I’ve slowly worked at building and finishing each one.

Finally a few weeks ago we were ready to launch one for the celebration of our son’s first birthday. Our family gathered in the middle of some soccer fields, we did the countdown, and then nothing.

What?!? Are you serious?!?

I labored over this stupid rocket, followed all the directions along the way, and now my whole family was anticipating the thrill of seeing a cardboard tube with plastic wings get blasted into the sky by some cheap explosives.

Long story short: it didn’t happen.

I could go into detail and document the sequence of events that resulted in mass disappointment and hours of troubleshooting, but I’ll spare you.

In the end, my wife and son were the only ones that saw the first of hopefully many of my rockets fly into space (well, not quite space). But it was perfect. The explosives ignited. The cardboard soared. The parachute deployed. The model was recovered in one piece.

Oh, and we documented it so our family could experience the thrill virtually. One day my phone will successfully upload it to Youtube and I’ll post it here.

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