Fear No More

person staring out into the sea

What are you afraid of?

When I actually take the time to ponder this question and uncover the fears that hide within the deepest parts of my being, something amazing happens. At first, I become terrified. These are realities that I prefer to keep hidden. Sitting down and purposefully conjuring them up is like sneaking up on a lion sleeping in the corner and pulling its tail.

I’d like to let that lion sleep and pretend it won’t eventually eat me.

But it’s what happens after the initial discomfort of shining a light on my fears that makes this exercise worthwhile. Suddenly the things that scare me most become exposed. They’re no longer left to linger in dark places and be misunderstood.

Fears are real. They cause problems. They keep us from greatness. By uncovering our fears we’re able to make sense of them and work diligently at eliminating such nonsense from our lives.

If we choose to ignore our fears, which is quite easy to do, we invite them to take up residence within our souls. Brendon Burchard puts it well in his book, The Motivation Manifesto: “When we allow fear as a constant in our lives, our ambitions and behaviors become small and constrained. We become timid and stressed.”

No one wants that.

If you want to face your fears and begin putting an end to whatever may be holding you back, take Leo Babauta’s Fearless Challenge. It’s a practical guide to shining a light on those dark, ignored, terrifyingly embedded anxieties.